• It perfectly corresponds to modern architecture
  • A variety of shapes
  • High resistance to strong wind and snow load


Orangery gardens would be associated with luxury in the past, while gardens being connected to terraces are getting more and more popular, and not only so for their aesthetic qualities, but also the functional and economical ones. Orangery gardens allow for enjoying the full benefits of one’s garden for all-year-round, regardless of the weather. If appropriately designed, they may improve the energy balance of a building which also entails the reduction of expenses for heating bills. They also reduce the outer noise that reaches the interior and considerably enlarge the residential space.

What are the good sides of a winter garden of aluminium?

Well, by building the so-called „Wintergarten” of aluminium, one may gain surety that it will a good investment for years to come. Aluminium profiles have smaller cross-sections; they are light and narrow which translates into larger glazing units and – as a result of it – even more daylight let in. The stable dose of it inside an orangery garden for all-year-round will instil good mood in you, adding you energy and heightening the comfort of everyday life. The influx of sun rays into the interior will also be priceless for the plants and flowers grown.

The aluminium structure of a winter garden does not corrode, ensuring high airtightiness and letting one create even considerably complex spatial structures. Additionally, the aluminium profiles are characterised by a wide palette of colours and good thermal insulation, mainly due to the presence of thermoinsulating inserts. It all makes having an all-year-round-accessible garden of aluminium a great solution to enlarge the space of one’s flat. The connection between a garden and terrace will become a smooth extension of the interior of a flat, harmoniously corresponding to modern buildings as well.

If you wish to enjoy the view of your garden even more frequently, it is worth it to choose lift-and-slide windows or terrace doors. Find out more about aluminium HST lift-and-sliding doors.