• Great protection against the loss of heat and noise
  • At affordable prices
  • Great choice of profile shapes and colours


Associated with luxury in the past and getting more and more popular today – not only so for their aesthetic qualities, but also the functional and economical ones. Winter gardens allow for being used for all-year-round, regardless of the weather. If appropriately designed, they may improve the energy balance of a building which also entails the reduction of expenses for heating bills. They also reduce the outer noise that reaches the interior and considerably enlarge one’s residential space.

Is it worth choosing PCV winter gardens?

In order to build a PCV structure of an orangery garden, multi-chamber profiles are used, as stiffened with steel fittings. Moreover, in the case of so-called „warm gardens”, they are equipped with an thermoinsulating insert. It is even more important as a winter garden is not only „a green living room” that enables us to maintain contact with nature, but also a heat buffer.

Thanks to it, the heat loss of a given building is reduced throughout colder seasons, while during the warmer ones it provides the absorption of solar energy, letting us enjoy pleasant coolness. If we do not plan to use our roofed garden for all-year-round, our winter garden does not need any heating.

PCV winter gardens, their colour, style and shape, may be easily matched to the formerly installed joinery (as well as the one of another material, e.g. made with the use of wood-imitating veneers). Nobody needs to be additionally convinced that spending one’s time in the garden is pleasure. In the case of PCV structures, you may enjoy the pleasure at an affordable price, simultaneously maintaining excellent parameters and enjoying great liberty with regard to the design of the orangery garden of your dreams.

If you wish to enjoy the view of your garden even more frequently, it is worth it to choose lift-and-slide windows or terrace doors. Find out more about PCV HST lift-and-sliding doors.