• Natural fusion of one’s house with the garden
  • Perfectly harmonised with plants
  • Eco material


Orangery gardens would be associated with luxury in the past, while they have become more common up to now, and not only so for their aesthetic qualities, but also the functional and economical ones. A glazed annex allows for using one’s garden for all-year-round, regardless of the weather. If appropriately designed, it may improve the energy balance of a building, which also entails the reduction of expenses for heating bills. It also reduces the outer noise that reaches the interior and considerably enlarges the residential space.

Why having a winter garden made of wood?

The reason is that no other material will add such unique climate to the inner space of a winter garden. Wooden profiles are definitely the most harmonious ones with regard to plants, while both the manufacturing process and further use of it are environment-friendly. A wooden winter garden is an excellent choice, and not only so for ecologists – it is also a great solution for allergy sufferers, as it does not emit any harmful substances.

Except for the above-mentioned advantages, the wooden structure of an orangery garden is also characterised by durability and a high level of resistance to damage or deformations. Glued-laminated timber also allows for the construction of extensive skeleton structures. It may be combined with aluminium at times. On the one hand, the implementation of a wood-aluminium system provides the wood with protection and impressive airtightiness, while – on the other hand – it guarantees an unchangeable and natural character of wooden profiles.

If you wish to enjoy the view of your garden even more frequently, it is worth it to choose lift-and-slide windows or terrace doors. Find out more about wooden HST lift-and-sliding doors.