The world’s highest class in terms of quality and thermal parameters.


The front door constitutes one of the most important elements of our houses. The protection of the house against cold, rain or burglars name only a few of its functions. Thanks to the door, we may also isolate ourselves from the street noise. However, how to select the one that will not only fulfil our expectations, but also serve us for years?The question we need to pay attention to before we purchase any door is the thermal transmittance coefficient. The lower its value is, the more heat is to stay inside our houses. In the offer of Aluprof company there is a model of sectional door whose Ud coefficient represents the level of 0,61 W/(m2K).

While selecting the door for our house it is also worth paying attention to its water resistance. It is it which determines whether – in the case of strong wind or heavy rain – there will be (or not) any water leaking inside. The classes of watertightness have been spread over a scale between 1A and 9A. Obviously, the higher the class is, the better the door has been determined to protect our house. Alufpol offers the panel doors representing class 6A.

The infill panels are mounted inside the door leaf, as based on MB-86 system and offered in a wide range of colours and structures. These elements may be milled, decorated with applications or made of insulated glass. Panel doors may be      manufactured in very large sizes – even up to 1,40 m of width and almost 2,60 m of height. If we dream of an impressive entrance, they will prove perfect  to us.


  • Thermal insulation of the world’s highest passive standard
  • Modern and trendy design
  • Nearly lifelong durability
  • Compatible with fingerprint readers, Bluetooth, etc.


The offer of Aluprof makes a wide range of ornamented panes available, just as in the case of panes made of transparent glass or patterned glass with the most popular patterns used.
All of the door models may be available in the variants equipped with a sublight and fanlight. There exist three variants of the product: sandblasted glass with a motif, transparent glass and patterned glass.

Both the sublights and fanlights consist of triple-glazed joints with warm-edge spacers. Sublights (fix glazing units) may be placed both at one and both sides of the door structure. The maximum width of a sublight amounts to 400 mm.

Standard Colours

Woodlike Colours

*Optionally, there are all the colour components of RAL palette available for an extra fee

*Woodlike colours are available for an extra fee