Sectional garage doors, composed of the original panels of the Belgian Kingspan company. The product of highest quality, successfully competing with the products of Hormann or Wisniowski, both with its price and quality.

Interflex sectional garage doors are manufactured on the basis of individual customised orders. Each dimension is a standard one for us! The maximum width of our doors is 5500 mm and the maximum height is 3000 mm. In the case of greater dimensions, we recommend tocheck our industrial gates.

  • Original Kingspan panels
  • Innovative Easy Click installation system
  • Customised size
  • Maximum width of the gate up to 5500 mm



The construction of sectional gates/garage doors

  • composed of closed-profile segments
  • made of galvanised steel sheets
  • filled in with flame resistant CFC-free PU foam
  • maximum height – 5500 mm
  • maximum width – 3000 mm
  • equipped with torsion springs (galvanised or powder-coated into TAL 9006 colour) prepared to serve throughout 15000-25000 operating cycles of the gate
  • side-ends of segments are first galvanised and then additionally dyed white, as similar to RAL 9010, which noticeably improves the aesthetics of the gate finishing as a whole

Equipment of sectional gates

  • Internal handle and bowden cable facilitating the gate retraction (standard equipment)
  • Latch lock of the gate with a handle and black- or aluminium-coloured escutcheon, mounted on the left side by standard, looking from the outer perspective (additional equipment)
  • Hand-lever lock (additional equipment)
  • Gate glazings with white and/or white frames, windows with the frames of stainless steel, glass
    sections in ALU frames (additional equipment)
  • Ventilation grills (additional equipment)
  • Wicket door at the low-threshold gates (additional equipment)
  • Side aluminium door with the filling from the gate panels (additional equipment)
  • Electric drive: the transfer of tractive forces with the use of a chain rail, an optional timing belt made of plastic (silent operation), in the case of the lack of power – it is possible to use the manual emergency unlocking system of the gate (additional equipment)



All of the gate panels we use have a durable surface, both resistant to scratches and UV radiation. Thanks to this, the colours may retain their original shade for a long time.

Basic version of colour profile:

  • white, similar to RAL 9010 (white)
  • brown, similar to RAL 8014 (brown)
  • nut brown veneer
  • woodgrain golden oak veneer
  • smooth golden oak veneer
  • Kingchester veneer (Winchester)
  • RAL 9006 (silver) on a micro-profiled surface
  • RAL 7016 (anthracite) on a micro-profiled surface
  • RAL7016 with the Deep Matt structure

*If there’s a need – on customer’s demand – it’s possible to paint the gate panels with one of the RAL palette colours.



Interflex gates are mounted directly behind the entrance. After opening, the gate rests under the ceiling, as parallel to the garage floor. Thanks to the segments with the thickness of 40 mm, the gate retains its stability and considerable thermal performance even with such large width applied. The external gaskets placed along the perimeter of the gate, as well as between the segments, additionally secure the gate against the heat loss.

In order to install the Interflex gate, it is required to have 200 mm of free lintel space by standard, while – in the case of the absence of sufficient space – it may even be 70 mm, provided special guides intended for low lintels are applied. The lateral space needed to install the gate amounts to 100 mm per each side. The structure of the gate is based on „Easy Click” patented installation system of guides, torsion springs and other security-providing elements. It allows for quick and easy installation.


Renolit palette of veneers

Energy Efficiency

Interflex garage gates do not only provide us with an aesthetic appearance but also have exceptional parameters under any weather conditions. The gates are composed of tongue-and-groove joined panels of the thickness of 40 mm.
The panels are made of galvanised steel with the insulation filling of CFC-free PU foam. In cooperation with Kingspan Door Components, Interflex uses the latest technological knowledge in the pursuit of the reduction of heat loss through the garage gate. The resistance of panels with the full sealing along the perimeter provides exceptional protection against wind and rain, as well as it ensures the high level of thermal performance.

Each gate is manufactured with customised dimensions applied and thanks to the possibility both to choose the patterns of panels and a wide range of colours, the Interflex garage gate of cutomer’s choice will definitely improve the appearance of every house.

High level of insulation

Intersectional gaskets protect the gate against wind and moisture along its entire width a flexible and low-temperature-resistant bottom chamber gasket isolates the gate from the ground vertical side seals, together with the top gasket placed on the last segment of the gate insulate the gate at the sides and up to the lintel the 40 mm-thick gate panel is filled with the polyutherane foam (PUR) of high thermal performance.

Additional equipment:

Intersectional gaskets protect the gate against wind and moisture along its entire width
vertical side seals, together with the top gasket placed on the last segment of the gate insulate the gate at the sides and up to the lintel the 40 mm-thick gate panel is filled with the polyutherane foam (PUR) of high thermal performance.
Depending on the option selected, the rails transferring the opening force from the drive head to the gate may be equipped with a plastic strap or metal chain. In order to additionally reinforce the gate panel, it is recommended to use a simple additional strengthening fitting that also stabilises the entire top panel the drive is attached to.


We place great emphasis on the safety of gate use. The gates we offer have a set of standard security measures implemented that are not always present with the gates of other manufacturers.
The quality policy of Interflex ensures a high standard of finishing and is uncompromised over whatever would lower the safety of use of our products.

All our gates are equipped with:

  • protection against the adverse effects of spring bursting
  • protection against trapping one’s fingers between the segments of a gate
  • the panels filled with flame resistant CFC-free PU foam
  • protection in the form of appropriately-shaped vertical running rails that secure against inserting one’s fingers between the gate and its framing from the side
  • strong and stable gate panel of 40-mm thickness
  • manually – operable gates have a strong patent lock mounted
  • automated gates – the driver blocks the gate from opening
  • automated gates may be optionally equipped with a system of photocells


Easyclick 2000 is a standard solution – a spring shaft placed on the lintel is the most characteristic feature of it. Mainly because of the said element it is required to have one’s lintel reaching the minimum height of 200 mm, both for the purposes of the manual operation of the system and the use   of the one equipped with the electric drive.

With less space available under the lintel it is advisable to use EasyClick 70 system. The system allows for the installation of a gate even if the lintel only has 70 mm of height (optimally – 100 mm), both in the cases of the manually – and automatically-operated gates. For the gates that are operated through electric drives, it is required to have 130 mm of free space.The information contained on this website is of general nature only and the products presented may differ from the actual ones.