DRUTEX S.A. not only manufactures PVC, wood and aluminium windows and doors, but is also a producer of composite glass. It makes it possible to eliminate intermediaries who produce composite glasses and to achieve a very high quality through direct control over the production process. The glasses are manufactured solely of the float glass, which has the highest worldwide quality and shows no optical distortions. Our offer includes construction glass of the following type: float, termofloat, colorfloat, multifloat (safe, anti-burglary, bulletproof), matofloat (anti-reflective), ornament. Such a big choice of our range of products enables us to produce composite glass which is tailor-made to our customers’ needs. To its standard offer DRUTEX S.A. has added, for free, ComfortTherm Premium glass, which thermal insulation value amounts for U=1,0 according to the norm E-674.

DRUTEX introduced a new generation of windows equipped with the latest low-emission glass with coatings that offer the highest standards of energy efficiency, access to daylight and comfort of use with a coefficient of thermal insulation even at the level Ug = 0.3 W / (m? K). Modern glazing package 3-12-3-12-3-12-3 with krypton gas of 90% with three coats PLANITHERM ULTRA N (one-hardened) reaches a thermal insulation coefficient Ug = 0.3 W / (m? K), which is a guarantee of better insulating properties, reducing the conductivity coefficient for the standard vertical windows. This, combined with a larger surface of the glass, which not only provides a light transmittance of 64%, but also gets more passive solar energy for our homes increase our energy balance and energy efficiency to a new and outstanding level. With such glass it is possible to design bigger windows and get maximum light and comfort, provide more interior space, while maximizing energy savings. DRUTEX offers also energy-saving windows with glazing with two layers PLANITHERM ULTRA N 3-12-3-12-3-12-3 and krypton 90% reaching the thermal insulation coefficient equal to 0.4 W / (m? K) . In this case there is no need for a hartened glass. New coating PLANITHERM ULTRA N is one of the latest generation of low-emission coatings, intended for one-, two-and three-chamber glazing on the energy balance of the best ever been achieved.

In order to bring some fresh air into the room we do strongly recommend to use our ventilators Aereco (hygroster ventilation), which main objective is a proper ventilation as the windows are tightly closed. Benefits of using ventilators: Modern, natural and healthy ventilation. Exceptionally high energy saving. Heat comfort in all rooms- there is no feeling of draught (as it is when the windows are tilt). The possibility of regulating the stream of air dependent on weather conditions and users requirements. Reduced risk of moisturing the rooms and mould arising. Safety. Calm sleep when the windows are closed and the ventilation is proper. Very high resistance to water drainage. Usage comfort. Wide application possibilities.

In order to ensure the safety and protection of the house against the burglary DRUTEX S.A. offers MACO anti-burglary ferrules. These are ferrules with different anti-burglary degree, equipped in catches, which block the window, which is to be opened by an intruder from outside. With an additional payment the window woodwork can be equipped in ferrules with two, three or four anti-burglary ferrules. To customize our offer we are able to apply even bigger number of anti-burglary catches.



Glued Grills
Vienna Grills

Grills make the window look stylish and give them an exceptional design. There are several types of grills: Inner-pane grills – they are a part of glass package and are solidly built into the frame between the panes. They can be covered with woodlike coat or painted with any of RAL colours. There is also a possibility to apply two colours- diffrent colour is visible from outside of the building and different from inside. Available grills: 8mm, 18mm, 26mm, 45mm. Glued grills. They are glued on the pane and imitate separate window pane packages with an aluminium frame inside the package. This aluminium frame divides the window pane accordingly to the division , which is created by the PVC elements. Available grills for windows in system IGLO5 and IGLO5 Classic: 27 mm, 45 mm, 65mm; Vienna grills are designed for wooden doors and windows and imitate separate window pane packages with an aluminium frame inside the package. The frame divides the window pane accordingly to the division created by the wooden elements. Available Vienna grills: 26 mm. To meet individual requirements of our customers DRUTEX S.A. offers grills of different dimensions.