Veka Softline 70 AD


  • Class A Profile
  • 5-Chamber structure
  • German ROTO fittings

Schuco Corona SI 82
  • The best PVC windows in the offer of
  • A 7-chambered casement of 90 mm width reduces the heat loss
  • The warranty period of 11 years for white windows and 8 years for other colours
  • White profiles have a lifetime warranty for whiteness

Veka Softline 82
  • A 7-chambered structure of the casement
  • Class A of PCV profile
  • German ROTO fittings
  • Glazing package representing even the rate of U = 0,5

Schüco Corona CT70 5K
  • The most inflexible and widest 5-chambered profile in the market, resistant to weather conditions and aging
  • The Schuco lifetime warranty for the whiteness of product
  • The frame depth of 70 mm
  • Styles to select: classical, rondo and cava
Energy Saving 83mm

  • 3 gaskets – 20% more saving of energy
  • 3 panes Ug = 0,5 – 2 times warmer than standard!
  • Acrylcolour available
  • It meets the requirements of passive buildings!

Standard 83mm Round Line 6K
  • An increased width – 83mm
  • A 6-chambered structure
  • A streamline and rounded shape
  • 5 years of warranty period

Standard 74mm 6K
  • 5 years of warranty period – the peace of mind for years to come
  • German siegenia titanum fittings
  • A 6-chambered structure – the improvement of the inflexibility and thermal efficiency of windows
  • Geometrical, edgy line of the frame and casement

Schuco Economic Version CT70 5K
  • A cheaper counterpart of Schuco CT70
  • A rich palette of colours
  • An exceptionally low price
  • German Roto fittings

PCV slide and fold doors
  • Up to 6 metres of opening width
  • Low aluminium threshold
  • Durability and energy efficiency
HST PCV Sliding Doors

  • Limitless space and inlet of daylight
  • Exceptional effect and great variability
  • Low threshold allowing for highly convenient use
PCV Conservatory Windows – Winter Gardens

  • Great protection against the loss of heat and noise
  • At affordable prices
  • Great choice of profile shapes and colours

Gealan Replacement
  • There is no need to dismantle any formerly installed frames, thanks to which it’s possible to avoid the damage of the façade of the building
  • A 6-chambered profile system
  • The possibility to implement a triple-glazing system
  • The possibility to select various height of the replacement „fin”

Lift-and-Slide HS Doors
  • Large dimensions – up to 6.5 meter!
  • Low aluminium step – zero barriers
  • Energy saving windows even of Ug=0.5
  • A possibility of opening even two parts