Flush-mounted External Roller Shutters
  • Roller shutter box – built-in under the plaster
  • Possibility to install after the windows have been mounted
  • Side-clipped aluminium or PCV slats
  • 5 years of warranty period

Standard External Roller Shutters, Surface-mounted
  • Aluminium box and armour
  • Possibility to have it mounted at any moment
  • In-built mosquito net as an option
  • Geometrical, edgy shapes

Mini 135-180 Top-mounted Roller Shutters
  • Shortest box starting at 135 mm – it takes away the least windowlight possible
  • Mainly recommended while replacing one’s windows
  • Simple and proven construction
  • Box concealment possibility

Standard 160/200 Top-mounted Roller Shutters


  • The most popular roller shutters on the market
  • Possibility to in-build it on two sides
  • Cost-effective price
  • Full automation as an option

Lux Round External Roller Shutters
  • Reinforced box of aluminium sheet 1,3 mm (40% thicker)
  • Exceptionally stiff construction to prevent overhanging
  • In-built mosquito net as an option
  • Possible to be mounted on the plaster at any moment

Standard Round External Roller Shutters


  • Aluminium slats, PCV (aromoury) in all the colours available, with no extra charges
  • Type A Roller Shutter, output B
  • Drilling mounting holes in an Alu-guiding rail
  • Side-clipped aluminium or PCV slats