Wooden slide and fold doors
  • Enormous opening width, exceeding 6 metres
  • Noble raw materials – oak, meranti or pine wood
  • Perfect for restaurants and cafés
Wooden Conservatory Windows – Winter Gardens

  • Natural fusion of one’s house with the garden
  • Perfectly harmonised with plants
  • Eco material

HST Wooden Sliding Doors
  • A perfect composition with your backyard garden
  • The freedom of arranging your space
  • High functionality and convenience of use

Wooden and Aluminium Premium
  • Premium-category windows with a nearly lifetime warranty with regard to aluminium
  • A luxurious interior, oak, meranti or pine wood available for choice
  • Eco, water-based varnishes
  • Tradition in a modern form

Unitas pivot
  • Rotational opening
  • Oak, meranti, pine wood available for choice
  • Durable eco varnishes
  • 5 years of warranty period

Casement windows opened outwards
  • A traditional English window
  • Opening outwards
  • Oak, meranti, pine wood available for choice
  • 5 years of warranty period

Sash Windows
  • Up-and-down sliding system saves space within interiors
  • Exceptionally effortless opening, due to the presence of weighs
  • Possibility to use spring-based ballast
  • Viennese muntin bars, sticked on both sides or placed inside the glazing cavity

  • Opened outside and tilted by 180 degrees
  • The functionality of blocking the tilt/opening position
  • Possibility to manufacture a version equipped with aluminium separators placed on the outside
  • Mainly used in the Scandinavian countries or England

Retro and Antique
  • Applied in case of historical architecture, as well as with the modern one and untypical individual investments
  • It will meet all the requirements of a historic buildings conservator
  • Possibility to faithfully reconstruct certain wooden and decorative elements (slats, Viennese muntin bars – vertical and horizontal poles)

  • Inward-opening window
  • Wooden drip mounted to the casement
  • Any types of muntin bars as an option
  • Arched windows and imitation arches (faux cintrage)
  • Mainly used in France, Belgium and the Netherlands

System IV 78+
  • Various width of profiles available: 78, 88, 92 mm
  • MACO-Multi-matic fittings
  • Pane package Ug=1,0 W/m2K
  • Thermal drip cap
  • Aluminium cover of the bottom rail
  • Eco waterproof varnish
  • Full range of muntins

System IV 68
  • Selection of wood types: pine, meranti or oak
  • MACO-Multi-matic fittings are especially prepared to be applied in wooden windows
  • Thermal drip cap
  • Any transparent varnish or RAL lacquer